As you probably know already, gold bars are the most wanted item in Gangs of Boomtown since this is the premium currency that is used to purchase the very best items and to gain various advantages in the game. Therefore, one question that we all have on our lips is how to get more gold in Gangs of Boomtown. I am here to tell you how, even though you might not be too pleased with my answers.

The easiest way of getting more gold in Gangs of Boomtown is by purchasing it: spending a few real bucks will make you rich in terms of gold bars in Gangs of Boomtown so it might be worth it to spend a little every now and then if you really love the game and want to move forward faster.

However, you can also get free gold bars in Gangs of Boomtown: when you level up, you will be rewarded with gold and the same will happen when you complete achievements. Also, there is a chance to win more gold than what you spend if you purchase and open a Treasure Chest.

Even better, Digital Chocolate themselves announced that they’re planning to introduce Free Gold Days to the game when we will be able to, obviously, win some free gold bars. No further details are known about these days, but we can only hope that they will become reality soon.

How many Gold Bars do you have in Gangs of Boomtown and how do you plan to spend them?