I kept saying it today: I became a huge fan of Digital Chocolate’s Gangs of Boomtown social game that was released recently for our delight and today I have decided to share some of my experience with the title and help you with a strategy guide for Gangs of Boomtown, as well as tips and tricks on how to play the game better and, overall, better understand the game’s mechanics.

How to increase the population in Gangs of Boomtown?
First of all, you will have to increase the population limit by buying and building population buildings found in the shop. You will need help from friends to complete these buildings.

Once you have increased your population limit, you can start thinking about actually raising the numbers. The way to do it is by adding houses to increase the number of citizens. In order to build the houses, you will need items that can be won by winning duels. Find out more about duels in the game below.

How to get more coins in Gangs of Boomtown?
Collecting rent from your houses is the most effective way of getting more coins in the game. Also, by performing various tasks in the game (like defeating bandits or cleaning debris), you will also be rewarded with coins. Also, completing missions will reward you with some nice amounts of extra coins.

How to get more Energy in Gangs of Boomtown?
If you don’t want to wait it out and get your energy regenerated automatically, you can use Energy Packs (friends can send them) so make sure that you have enough active friends to keep your energy bar full at all times!

How to get more weapons in Gangs of Boomtown?
Upgrade the Guns of Boomtown building in order to unlock new weapons, then head over to the shop to actually purchase them. Don’t forget that if you spend Gold (premium currency), you will be able to get some more powerful guns.

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I hope you have a great time playing the game and don’t forget – if you have some additional tips & tricks, you can share them with us all in the comment section below.