It’s time for a Tea Party in FarmVille and everybody is invited! You are the most important person, though, because it will be up to you to make sure that everything is perfect. Fortunately, I am here to share with you everything about the FarmVille Tea Party in this guide so you’ll surely do great!

There are three stages that you will have to complete for the Tea Party:

Stage 1: Send Party Invites
Stage 2: Grow Flowers
Stage 3: Set the Table

The first stage of the Tea Party is the easiest of them all since all you have to do is to send invites to your FarmVille friends. You will even be rewarded with a cool Tea Server Gnome after finishing the stage!

Next stage asks you to collect some flower seeds – you will need to get 8 of them from your neighbors and I am sure you will have no problem doing it in time! Completing this stage will also unlock the Purple Orchids in FarmVille.

And finally, when you will get to the third stage of the Tea Party, you will have to set the table. Again your friends will help you meet the following requirements:

And that’s all that you have to do! And if you do it and complete the third stage of the FarmVille Tea Party, you will also receive an amazing reward: the Party Garden!