Gangs of Boomtown is Digital Chocolate’s latest game and overall a truly amazing experience both on Facebook and on Google+. But we are not here to talk about that! We’re here to talk about the treasure chests in the game and try to answer a burning question: what can you get from the Gangs of Boomtown Treasure Chest?

As you probably know, you can open a Treasure Chest in the game for 10 gold which is not the cheapest sum of them all, so here is what you can find inside to help you decide if you should risk spending the money or save them for something better:

1. Medium goods pack
2. Large energy pack
3. 15 gold
4. +1 max energy

So it is a risk but mostly we can say that opening a Treasure Chest in Gangs of Boomtown is worthwhile every now and then. Even more, Digital Chocolate promised that they will soon improve the rewards to make opening chests even more rewarding.

What do you think about the Treasure Chests? Do you like to open then or you save your Gold for other stuff?