Featuring a retro point & click adventure interface to match the retro graphics, Wadjet Eye Games is proudly offering its hit game Resonance for only $2.50 on Steam. That’s 75% off from the usual $9.99 price.

“Resonance” shows off the adventures of four strangers who come together after a horrible tragedy. Using the point & click adventure interface, players will alternate between characters to solve puzzles as a team and turn characters’ memories into usable inventory items in a race against time to prevent catastrophic technology from falling into the wrong hands. Plot twists are sure to keep the player guessing and playing through to see how Resonance will end.

The low-res pixel graphics and point & click adventure gameplay combined with the engrossing story reminds players of the classic Lucasarts and Sierra Entertainment adventure games of the late 90s. Resonance is a welcome homage to old school gaming with  a modern day story.

This Steam sale for Resonance is effective from now until April 29th at 10am PT. So get this great game from Wadjet Eye Games while you can.