Capcom is planning to release a really hot game this year, Street Fighter X Tekken and I am really sure that you want to know as much as possible about the new game. Fortunately, the developers did go on to tell us all the details about the new game, so read on to find out everything about the fighting game that will certainly rock this year!

First of all, let’s check out which characters come from each of the game series. Please have in mind that the list below is not a complete one:

Street Fighter Characters:
– Ryu
– Chun-Li
– Guile
– Ken
– Able

Tekken Characters:

– Nina
– Kazuya
– King
– Marduk
– Bob

One really nice feature of Street Fighter X Tekken is that it will allow us to play a tag team mode in real time, meaning that we will be actually allowed to play with a team of characters and switch them in real time in order to gain an advantage over the opponent. Also, the online mode will feature a few “surprises” according to Capcom and many people hope that they mean cross-platform play. That would be awesome, of course!

Capcom has also released a series of new screenshots that you can check out below to enjoy the amazing new visual look of Street Fighter X Tekken:

Street Fighter X Tekken is expected to be released sometime in 2012, but as you can see already, there are a lot of hot promises about it. What do you think? Will it rock the game world as we have the feeling it will?