All the Angry Birds fans out there should be extremely happy because Rovio announced today that a new expansion is launching for Angry Birds Seasons, the Year of the Dragon. And the surprises don’t end here – as I am sure you’re already expecting from Rovio. So read on to find out all the details!

This new update will have a brand new theme featuring traditional elements of Chinese New Year such as fireworks, lanterns, Chinese knots, and red envelopes. For this episode, the Mighty Eagle will also get a special “Year of the Dragon” makeover. As a new year’s gift to fans, the “Mighty Dragon” will be available on iOS, Android, and Symbian for free. Yay!

Angry Birds can be considered one of the most successful games last year, with more than 600 million downloads of the game and its updates worldwide. And I’m sure that the game manage to turn as many people into addicts as Zuma used to back in the good old days.