The long awaited moment is here: Rovio’s hit game Angry Birds has just been released on Facebook, bringing the destruction that we all love so much to the social platform where most likely tens of millions of players will become addicted (many of them, once more).

The game itself is completely similar, at least when it comes to mechanics with the Angry Bird games you know so you shouldn’t have any problems playing it. Even if you haven’t played the game before, it’s still pretty easy to understand what Angry Birds is about during the first few levels.

A tutorial would’ve been more than welcome though since many might not know the exact effects of the special power-ups (and the short explanations you get after clicking on them are not that enlightening), but Angry Birds on Facebook is still in Beta stage (meaning that it still has upcoming improvements incoming) and anyway, I don’t think that there are many people who haven’t played the game and know what it is about.

There seems to be an awful lot of missions to play already on the Facebook version of the game and honestly I have no idea when you will have to stop and wait for some refills (or something similar): I played for around 15 minutes and there were no indicators that something will stop me from my quest of destroying everything on sight. It might be when you finish all your power-ups, but that still gives you plenty of game time!

So if you are a fan of Angry Bird (and even if you are not), you should definitely give this game a try and go on Facebook to play it. It’s really fun!