Epic Astro Story for iPhone is the latest simulation game from Kairosoft who already impressed with a bunch of other releases, like their soccer team management game or the mall sim. This time they take us to the outer space and challenge us to build an epic civilization out there. I am sure you will love it, despite the graphics who look a bit too retro (or outdated) for my liking.

Interesting about Epic Astro Story is the fact that we’re not talking about a boring city building sim – set in space, the game will also have us meet alien civilizations who are not always as peaceful as we’d like them to be, so war will have to be waged against them. So we’re talking about a mix of strategy, simulation and old fashioned gameplay which result in a pretty nice and challenging game.

Even though the game is priced at an apparently expensive $3.99 (at least compared to most of the iPhone titles out there), all the reviews are positive, 5 star reviews until now and we all know that Kairosoft can deliver some really high quality games, so Epic Astro Story is certainly one of them.