There is something about celebrities that makes us all stop doing whatever we were doing and pay attention. The star of Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets is even closer to the whole thing and she will try to keep us entertained as well while she gets the juiciest stories with the hottest celebrities.

The official description of the game says: “Gaby is an amateur celebrity blogger, desperate to ditch her dead-end job for the exciting world of celebrity gossip. To prove she has what it takes, Gaby sets out to compete against the reigning gossip king to win an exclusive interview with the world-famous actor Erik Von Hunk.”

In order to do so, you will have to keep your eyes open for the next big story and publish them on your virtual, in-game blog. From rock star weddings to steamy love triangles, the juicier the story, the more readers you attract. And all this while you have tons of fun playing the game!

Check out Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets over at Big Fish Games, for just $6.99!