Ever since the first movie in The Fast and the Furious series has been launched, interest in super cars, super races and everything cars-related increased and expanded from the general male audience to the female public as well. Now, years after the release of the movie, we can all get our need for speed fix with Dream Cars, a really cool casual game you can get for just $6.99 from Big Fish Games.

Dream Cars tells the story of Dasha and Masha, two sisters that have a crush on everything cars-related: they love building and selling them, as well as racing them and burning the rubber! Your job will be to help the two sisters create their own Dream Cars and become the queens of the world.

Keep the car-shopping clientele happy and keep your profits high to put together a speed demon worthy of the racetrack. Move quick, and pay close attention to detail, to rack up the cash you need in Dream Cars, a Time Management casual game that has just been released on Big Fish Games.

The system requirements for the game are quite low (800 Mhz and 256 MB of RAM should be enough), and there’s also a demo available for download so that you can try out the game before purchasing it. Could you wish for more? The answer is NO!, so click here to give Dream Cars a try!