Farmville-christmas-treeChristmas is less than a week away and I’m sure that many of you keep wondering what’s inside the Farmville presents you’ve stacked under the Christmas Tree until now – and hopefully managed to get all 100 of them (if not, hurry to add more neighbors – maybe you can do it until the 24th).

As you know, Zynga didn’t say what exactly is hidden in these Holiday Tree Presents, but they’re certainly making us all feel very confident about what’s inside: they promised us a lot of surprises and in their latest update said that these gifts will contain “some special surprises”.

I am sure that means brand new, never before seen items, but that’s just me. So I thought – why not start a debate here regarding the Farmville holiday tree: what do you think will be inside the presents and, even more, what would you like to receive from them?

Personally, I would love to get some items that are only available for purchase for Farmville cash, and definitely a bigger tractor. What about you? What would your answer to the question “What’s Inside the FarmVille Christmas Gifts” would be?

Don’t forget that we are only guessing right now! Check back here on the 24th to find out exactly what items can you find in your Holiday Tree presents, and also remember to check out this possible tutorial teaching you how to open more than 100 gifts!

UPDATE: Here is the list of all Farmville Christmas Presents, as promied! (click the link to see it!)