christmas-presents01We did guess what’s under the Christmas tree this year in Farmville and the big day has come today as we have unwrapped the Christmas gifts and checked out all the cool presents Zynga has prepared for us. So if you wanted a list of all the presents you can find under your Farmville Christmas Tree starting today, we have it for you, together with some really cool images of the new items.

Sadly, just a few of the presents are brand new items we’ve never seen before in Farmville, but I must admit that all of them are really cool. Here is the list of all the presents you can find under your Christmas Tree:

– 2010 New Year Ball
– Silver Ornament
– 1 Fuel Refill
– 5 Fuel Refills
– 10 Fuel Refills
– Lighted Gift Box
– Cocoa Bear
– Gold Ornament
– Black chicken
– Baby Turkey
– Calf
– Black Sheep
– Lamb
– Grey Tabby
– Black Cat
– Clumsy Reindeer
– Golden Chicken
– Mystery box
– Brown Chicken
– Golden Soldier
– Golden Nutcracker
– Brown Cow
– Alien Cow

Did we miss any present from the list? Please share with us in the comment section below and don’t forget to visit as soon as possible as I will be posting hot new details about the rest of the great new Christmas Eve features in Farmville!

Also, have in mind that the trick I’ve told you about regarding the possibility of opening more than 100 Christmas Gifts in Farmville is WORKING!