farmville-full-christmas-treeAs you probably know, Farmville now has a really cool Christmas Tree thanks to Zynga, but you can only place 60 Christmas gifts you receive from your friends under it. Most of you would be tempted to sell all the extra Christmas Gifts in FarmVille for the crappy 5 coins each, but that wouldn’t be advisable since you could use more than 60 Christmas Gifts!

How can you accept more than 60 Christmas Gifts in FarmVille? Well, for starters, fill your first Christmas Tree with 60 gifts, so you can’t put more under it. Then, there are two options for you:

1. You either keep the Christmas Gifts requests you get on FarmVille from your friends untouched (so you don’t accept the gifts, nor ignore them).
2. Or safer, you accept 30 Christmas gifts (or whatever number you want below 30 since that’s the limit for the gift box) and keep them there until the 24th.

Now, on the 24th, you can open the gifts under the Chrismas Tree and enjoy the cool presents (I will update on them as soon as I know what they are). Then, you should quickly accept the gifts from your wall or put the ones in your gift box under the tree and open them too. And therefore, you will accept and use more than 60 Christmas Gifts in Farmville!

Please note that there are some slight chances that this won’t work – but I really doubt it won’t. However, don’t get extremely disappointed if it doesn’t. Also, tons of thanks to Mrs. Lee for the heads up on this!