Fox ‘n’ Roll is a fun and very addicting Physics Based Flash game. A game where there are multiple solutions, and also a nice way passing your time! I made this Walkthrough just in case someone needed it. I know it isn’t very well written and doesn’t explain very much as my usual walkthroughs, but it’s helpful at least, I hope!

You can check out my video walkthroughs for Fox ‘n’ Roll  by clicking this link:

Text Walkthrough:

– Level 1 –

Just click on the Blue Square

– Level 2 –

Click on the Right-Side Red Rectangle [On the same platform as the Fox is on]

– Level 3 –

Click on Green Rectangle above Fox. Wait for the Evil shapes to split up on each side of the Fox, and then click on the Blue Rectangle when Roll [Main Character] is on the center of that platform (Right above the Fox)

– Level 4 –

Click on the Middle Green Rectangle, and wait for the Evil Shapes to fall down on each side of the Fox. Remove then the Pink Rectangle!

– Level 5 –

You see the 2 Shapes on each side of the Spiky Shape. From the very start of the Level, click on the Left-Side shape [Left to Spiky Shape], and then quickly click on the Right-Side shape [Right to Spiky Shape]. If you’re lucky, you’ll make the Roll avoid the Right-Side shape [Shape that was right to Spiky Shape], and slowly move to Fox!

– Level 6 –

Click to remove the Blue Square Fox is standing on. Click on the Red Rectangle-like Shape above Roll. Once The Timer have disappeared, click on the Long Green Rectangle!

– Level 7 –

Wait for the Spiky Shape to reach the End of the Platform it’s on. Then, quickly remove the Blue Square to release Roll, and luckily Fox ‘n’ Roll will meet!

– Level 8 –

You see the Brown Shape Fox is standing on. Click on the Grey/Blue Shape below Brown Shape, once Roll is near the Shape Pile Fox is standing on!

– Level 9 –

You’ll see 4 Blue Squares with Blue/Purple small Squares under them. Let’s call those small squares for [Left to Right]: Square #1, Square #2, Square #3, Square #4 [The one above Roll]

From the start, click on Square #4. Once Roll falls down from the Purple Shape [T shaped] and is below Square #3, click on Square #3 and make sure it hits Roll. If Roll doesn’t gain enough speed to hit Fox, click on Square #1 when Roll is below it!

– Level 10 –

Remove Yellow Rectangle [Not the one Roll is standing on], remove Green Rectangle and at last, remove Blue Rectangle when Roll is right above Fox!

– Level 11 –

Look at the Triangle near on Top-Left side of screen. Click on the small Square next to it, and make it hit Roll! When Roll starts rolling on the Pink platform, wait for him to a little Left from the Middle of below the Triangle on Pink rectangle, and he’ll slowly move Left!

– Level 12 –

You see the 2 Red Parallelograms under Roll. Remove the Right-Side one first, and wait for Roll to turn abit Right, then quickly click on the Left-Side Red Parallelogram! Click on the Green Rectangle below him, and then wait for Roll to fall off the Grey Shape, and inside the Pink Rectangles. Once he is falling, remove the Horizontal Pink Rectangle above Fox!

– Level 13 –

You’ll see 5 Blue Rectangles forming a curved Platform. Remove the Blue Rectangle, the one Left to the one Fox is standing on, and the Spiky Shape will fall out. Once Spiky Shape hits the Green Rectangle, click on the Triangle preventing Roll from moving, and luckily Fox and Roll will hit each other!

– Level 14 –

You see the Grey and the Blue Triangles on each side of the Platform Roll is standing on. Wait for Roll to be in between those 2 Triangles [Or a bit more to the Right from between those 2 Triangles], and then quickly remove the Green/Yellow Rectangle/Platform Roll is on. Once he is right above the Bottom-Right side Fox, remove the Green/Yellow Rectangle/Platform Roll is on!

– Level 15 –

Remove the Yellow Rectangle on Middle-Bottom of screen. Click on the Left-Side Pink Rectangle, and if you’re lucky enough, Roll will move to Left without falling from the T-Shape and hit Fox!

– Level 16 –

Remove the Small Square under the Plus/Cross Shape, and quickly click on the V-Shape under Fox to release him! Roll will start moving to Left. When he is about to hit the Green/Blue Box on Yellow Rectangle/Platform, remove the Box!

– Level 17 –

From the very beginning, remove the Triangle on Middle of Screen. Once Roll is on the Middle of the Green Rectangle, remove the Green Rectangle. Remove the Bottom-Left Red Rectangle, and wait for Roll to be right above Fox on Green Platform. Then, remove the Green Platform!

– Level 18 –

Remove the Upper Small Square next to Yellow Rectangle. Wait 1-2 seconds (or 0,5 seconds after the Timer is gone), and remove the Lower Small Square, to give Roll a push. Quickly remove the Blue L-Shape, left to Fox!

– Level 19 –

Remove the Blue Square Roll is standing on. And you see the Blue Rectangle, just right to Fox. Just click on that Rectangle!

– Level 20 –

From the start, keep pressing your Mouse on those 5 Rectangles, next to the Spiky Shape! Even if Roll hits the Rectangles, keep removing them. Once you’re done clicking all of them, quickly remove the Red Rectangle/Platform left to the Fox, to let Spiky Shape fall down!

– Level 21 –

You see the Right-Side Fox at the Bottom. Look at the Light Blue Shape [with 2 X-es] next to it, and remove it! Once Roll is falling down, remove the Yellow Shape below him. He’ll land on a Blue Rectangle, click to remove it. Wait for Roll to hit the Blue/Grey Shape above the Foxes, and click to remove it!

– Level 22 –

Click on Pink Platform/Rectangle Fox is standing on. Wait 1 Second, and remove the Right-Side Green Rectangle!

– Level 23 –

You see the Blue Square on Top-Right of the screen. Be ready to remove the Small Square next to Roll. Once the Blue Square is on the Middle of the Platform it’s standing on, quickly remove the Small Square (This will be hard, so try it a few times – try waiting 0,1 second after Blue Square is on Middle of it’s platform)!

– Level 24 –

Remove Bottom Red Rectangle. Remove Middle Red Rectangle. Remove Top Red Rectangle. Quickly remove the Top-Side of the Pink Rectangle, next to Roll on the Pile!

– Level 25 –

From the very start, quickly remove the Green Platform Roll is standing on! When he is about to hit the Plus/Cross Shape, quickly remove the Cross/Plus Shape. If you die, keep trying and you will get it at last!

– Level 26 –

There are 5 Pink Rectangles, and remove those I tell you to from Up to Down. From the start, remove Pink Rectangle 2, then Pink Rectangle 3 & Pink Rectangle 4 at last! Wait for Roll to get back to the Orange Half-Shape, and then Remove Green Rectangle. Quickly remove all the 4 Small Squares, right to Fox!

– Level 27 –

Wait a few seconds, and you’ll see that Roll will fall of the Blue Square. Once he starts falling (or is about to hit the Green Rectangle), quickly remove the Green Rectangle in the Middle of the Pile!

– Level 28 –

Wait 1 Second, and remove the Orange Half-Shape Fox is on. If Fox lands on Yellow Rectangle without falling down from behind or moving down on the Yellow Rectangle and it stops on Yellow Rectangle, you’ve done it correctly (If you fail, try few more times). There are 6 Small Squares above Fox (3 on each side). If you remove from Bottom to Top, the 3 Small Squares on Right-Side, the Blue Square will fall down (Make sure Fox starts moving to the Right on Yellow Rectangle, once Blue Square hits the Yellow Rectangle)

– Level 29 –

There are 7 Pink Rectangles, remove the following from Left to Right. From the start, click on Pink Rectangle 3, and then Pink Rectangle 4 (Make sure Roll lands on the Blue V-Shape)! Remove Pink Rectangle 2, and then the Red Rectangle Fox is standing on!

– Level 30 –

You see the 2 Red Shapes on each side. Remove the Left-Side Red Shape, and you’re Done!

I hope you like this Walkthrough, and please tell me your thoughts about it :)