gold-presentsIf you went to your Christmas Tree today and got all the Christmas Presents, you probably noticed that there’s a special present there, one from Zynga: the FarmVille Gold Present. What is that Gold present, you might be wondering – so let’s find out together!

As you will be instructed, in order to get the Farmville Gold Present, you will have to trade five of your existing presents plus five Farmville cash to get it. According to the developers, the golden present contains “only the very best prizes found in other presents”, which sounds really great. However, players all over the world are getting a bit upset over this Gold Present thing since apparently is considered kind of a rip off!

I say that because people have only found inside the Golden Box regular stuff like colored chicken, fuel refills (still some value for the money) and other so called “boring stuff”. And with 100 presents you most likely have under the tree, plus maybe 100 more if you listened to my advice regarding the possibility of opening more than 60 presents, you will certainly get tons of cool presents and have to pay nothing for them. So we could say about the Gold Present, as it is in its current state – Don’t get one!