fishville-awardsJust a couple of days after the launch of the Cafe World Medals, Zynga has released a new FishVille feature: the Trophies! Read on to see the list of Fishville trophies you can win at the moment, as well as their description, so you know what to do to earn them as fast as possible! Here is the list of Fishville trophies as of December 24, 2009:

1. Liquid Assets (awarded for having a specific amount of coins on hand)
2. Spendville (awarded for spending a specific amount of coins in the market)
3. Fishville Farmer (awarded for selling a specific number of fish, no matter what their age is)
4. Decollector (awarded for having a specified number of decorations in your tanks)
5. Pond Gardener (for having a specific number of plants in your tanks)
6. Fish lover (awarded for clicking the “give love” button for a specific number of times)
7. Spotless (for cleaning a specified number of algae from your tanks)
8. The hand that feeds (for feeding a specific number of fish)
9. Builder of tanks (for building a specific number of tanks)
10. Tanks a lot (for helping a specific number of friends with their tanks).

fishville-awards1Apparently, the awards are not awarded retroactively, like the Cafe World awards, which is a good thing since it adds a new reason to play the game. However, since I have 5 tanks already, I think I will have some trouble getting the “builder of tanks” award.

All the Fishville awards have four stages – bronze, silver, gold and platinum and by far the easiest to attain are the Decollector and Pond Gardener awards, as well as the Fish Lover and Spotless ones (which only require regular playing from your side) and the most difficult seem to be the Hand that Feeds, Fishville Farmer and Liquid Assets. Either way, it’s nice to finally have the Fishville Trophies here!