cafeworld-medalsZynga has offered a new Christmas treat to the Cafe World players by unveiling the Cafe World Medals, awards you can get for completing or achieving various things in the game. It was a highly anticipated feature and I am sure that many people will be a bit disappointed by the introduction of the medals because… well… they seem so few!

For now, there are just five categories of medals you can get:

– Cafe World Celebrity (for having a specific number of neighbors, 15 being the maximum)
– Feed an army (for serving a specific number of servings, 90,000 being the top)
– Comfortable cooker (for earning coins)
– Greatly Gifted (for accepting gifts)
– Continuous Cooker (for cooking daily for a specific number of days)

When I loaded the new game I received the first two awards retroactively, but strangely not the others, even though I have definitely completed all of the medals (I am level 39, after all). However, I can’t say I’m disappointed, on the contrary: I would’ve loved the Feed an army award to start from 0 too since I didn’t really felt I’ve earned it.

Let’s just hope that these five Cafe World medals are just the beginning and more are coming!