yellow-mystery-boxIt’s time for yet another mystery box update in FarmVille and this week we received from Zynga a yellow with red mystery box, a very special one according to the developers – because of the gifts and items you can find inside it.

So what is inside the new Yellow with red mystery box in Farmville? Zynga says: “The new Mystery Box released today holds items you can’t find elsewhere in Farmville”. Which sounds incredibly cool, right?

According to player reports, the items you can find in the new Yellow and red mystery box are:

– Melting Snowman decoration
-Stone Well
-Rock Stream
-Grey Goose
-Porch Swing
-Sneaky Crow

If you managed to find other items or have information regarding the experience you earn alongside the items (if any), please let us all know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to tell us what you got from the new mystery box!