medical-mayhem-first-screenMedical Mayhem is a social game developed by Vojo World, an up and rising social games developer focusing on delivering unique content to Facebook users. And a lot of humor. As the name suggests, Medical Mayhem is a game about hospitals – but not a simulation of the busy life in the hospitals. No, Medical Mayhem is all about the fun!

If you have ever played the classic Bullfrog title Theme Hospital, then you already have an idea about this game we’re talking about today: it is hilarious and eccentric, it might make some people raise their eyebrows wondering if something like that is correct (but only idiots do that, so we’re safe here in the Unigamesity) and eventually everybody will have fun.

In Medical Mayhem you are the manager of a hospital and you have to do everything you can to keep your hospital ahead of your friends’ hospitals. And by everything, I really mean everything: drop your trash at the entrance of other people’s hospitals, steal their patients using your model nurses, send spies to steal their money and so on. In your hospital things are just as funny: you have fat people complaining that they haven’t seen their feet since 1986, you have big breasted chicks happy that they’ll increase their sizes, you have old dudes that you have to help pee and so on.

medical-mayhem-hospitalUnfortunately for those looking for some depth, Medical Mayhem doesn’t have it (at least not for the moment): the gameplay is extremely basic and you will need at most several clicks per day to fully experience the game. There are just four areas you can improve at the moment to make them more productive (but at least three new ones are coming) and you also have a research centre where you can upgrade some more stuff, in order to get more money and reputation. But, as I said, there’s not too much interaction (you and your hospital and not even you and your friends).

But still the sense of humor of Medical Mayhem is completely wicked and with stuff you can send to your friends like a brain transplant, a pair of balls or a sense of humor, you know that it’s a game you will at least have to try once. So head over to the application on Facebook and give it a try. And let us all know what you think about Medical Mayhem!