alapaca-farmvilleA new Mystery Box has been released into the virtual worlds of Farmville by Zynga: the royal blue mystery box with pink ribbon, or the blue and pink mystery box as we’ll know it. So… what’s inside the new blue and pink mystery box? Read on to find out!

First of all, it’s worth noting that this new mystery box in Farmville is the last of the year 2009, so it’s quite special! Therefore it has some really cool items inside, so if you wish to save up some cash to get it (it costs 16 FV cash, like any other mystery box), now would be the time. Now here’s a list of items you can find in the new blue and pink mystery box:

– Alpaca (new animal!!) and 250 XP
– Jack in the Box and ? XP
– Welcome Gate and ? XP
– Giant Bell
– Snowman Family Light and ? XP
– Three Animal Statue and ? XP

Please let us know if you have the data regarding the XP points won alongside the new items in the mystery box and don’t forget to admire the Alapaca in the image in the upper left corner.

What did you find inside the mystery box?