fireworks-finale-in-actionFarmville now has a new goodie we can purchase for FV cash: the Fireworks Finale, a huge blast of fireworks for us to celebrate the new year. If you were wondering what exactly is this Fireworks Finale and if it’s worth the FV cash, read on to find out!

First of all, it’s worth noting that the Fireworks Finale in Farmville only costs 3 FV cash, and you can purchase an unlimited number of fireworks. I was of course really curious and I bought one and launched it to see if it looks great.

And I must admit that the display of the Fireworks Finale is quite impressive: you can check out just a short glimpse of what the Fireworks Finale looks like by clicking on the image to enlarge it, but you should rest assured that the complete thing is quite impressive – and it also lasts for quite some time!

Still, I am not sure what to say if the Fireworks Finale are worth the cash you have to spend on them: personally, I liked them and most likely a few of these together with the new giftable fireworks will make a really fun fireworks show in your virtual farm.

Have you tried the Fireworks Finale? Did you enjoy it?