free-fuel-weekIf you will log in today into FarmVille, you will notice that the Free Fuel Week has started, meaning that for the next seven days you will get free fuel refills and you’ll also be able to share them with your friends! If you would like to know all the details about the FarmVille Free Fuel Week – read on!

First of all, it’s worth noting that we’re not talking about a special hidden event or something similar. Instead, you only have to log into FarmVille to get your free Fuel refill. Next, if you log in the following day you will receive two Fuel refills and so on, up to five refills per day if you log in consecutively for five days. Pretty cool, even though it’s not even close to the fuel madness we’ve got with the Christmas gifts. However, for players with few neighbors, is a really nice gift!

Also, you can share a fuel refill with your friends too and at the moment that can give you unlimited fuel: every time you log in to FarmVille, you can click the button to the left and share one fuel refill with your neighbors. However, if you log in again and again, you can still click that button and share as many fuel refills as you want! Of course, this will soon be fixed by Zynga so you’d better take advantage of the Free Fuel Week glitch while it lasts!

Now we only have to wonder what other goodies are there prepared for the coming week in Farmville!