holiday-gifts-fishvilleI’m sure you didn’t forget – today is the big day and when we get to open the presents we’ve been stocking in the tanks for quite a while now in FishVille: Zynga has updated their game and all the presents will be opened and your gift box will be filled with… well… gifts!

If you wonder how to open the FishVille presents – let me tell you that you can’t. When I logged in to my account I found out that all the boxes were already opened and all the gifts were waiting for me in the gift box. Fortunately, I saw the FishVille gift opening message you can see too in the picture and didn’t sell all the items. It would’ve been quite a waste!

What is inside the FishVille presents? It appears that only decorations – and nothing too fancy (or it’s just me being unlucky). After opening five gift boxes I found the following items inside:

fishville-presents– Red Snail Shell
– Living Rock Arch
– Mint Spiral Shell
– Purple Spiral Shell
– Yellow Scallop Shell

And to be honest, I’m not quite ecstatic – at least not as excited as I was when I had to open the cool FarmVille Christmas presents… what about you? What did you find inside your FishVille gift boxes?