farmville-mysteryFunnily enough, so soon after the introduction of the They of Mystery ribbon, Zynga appears to have lost interest or inspiration in the Farmville Mystery Boxes and released no new one today. I think it’s the first time when Zyna doesn’t follow the release chart and “forgets” to release something as important as the mystery box.

Of course, it’s the first week of the year and probably the game developers of FarmVille didn’t feel so much like working and creating new stuff for us to enjoy, but an announcement would’ve been great, preparing the players for one week without the FarmVille mystery box.

On the other hand, it could be just something temporary – something similar to the Fishville gifts opening of yesterday when early morning players couldn’t open the presents, but everything got fixed by noon. With so many successful games, maybe it’s hard to keep track of the changes and deliver them on time.

Still… how would you feel if there would be no mystery box – EVER – in Farmville?