Zynga has taken their money-making FarmVille social game to the next level by promoting Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine that wishes to battle head to head against Google. Fortunately, there’s something in for the FarmVille fans as well: 3 free farm cash to be won if you become a Bing fan via FarmVille.

So… how do you get the 3 free Farm Cash in FarmVille? It’s pretty simple – check out the the sponsored link below the game’s window and you’ll see something like the image below (simply click it on Facebook):
A new window will pop up, looking like the one below. All you have to do now is to click the “Become a fan” button and wait for a few seconds – a new pop-up will appear announcing that you’ve been rewarded 3 Farm Cash. In my case, there was no pop-up and no confirmation, but after I’ve reloaded FarmVille, the money was there.
It appears that FarmVille and Zynga are receiving quite some love (to read: money) from Microsoft nowadays since it was just a short while ago when FarmVille debuted on MSN Games

So… what do you think about this type of advertising? Is it indeed rewarding for the gamers? Would you become a fan of Bing for the three free Farm Cash?