buried-mystery-boxA secret and mysterious update has arrived to FarmVille and just some of the virtual farmers are experiencing it: the buried mystery box, a locked golden box you can uncover while plowing. Read on to find out everything about the locked/buried mystery box in FarmVille!

How to get the buried mystery box? This is a random event that occurs only when plowing land. A pop up message will appear, reading:

You just uncovered a buried mystery box while plowing. Check it out in your gift box!

However, you will not be able to open the buried mystery box! In order to do so, you will need a code, which can only be sent via e-mail by Zynga. This is, basically, Zynga’s way of trying to convince their players sign up for e-mail updates, following the “become a fan madness” described over on Social Games Help. Otherwise, if you have already signed up for e-mail updates, you can get it on your e-mail directly.

Either way, here is what you can find inside the buried/locked mystery box in FarmVille:

– Mammoth Statue
– Arborist
– Farm Hands
– Totem Pole
– 5 Fuel Refills
– Golden Chicken

Some pretty cool items in this buried mystery box! So… did you get yours yet? Did you unlock the golden and buried mystery box?