treasure-madness-I’ve just posted a review of Treasure Madness and I decided to share a few tips and tricks with you to make your life as a virtual treasure hunter a lot easier. So check out this article for a set of Treasure Madness tips & tricks!

You begin the game on the Tutorial Island – once you complete that island, you’ll have to hit the Maps tab and get yourself some new maps. You’ll see that there are a few of them which are free to get and you should grab them at first.

Next, you should look at the stats of each map: it tells you if there’s a high gold or treasure density. You’ll need to go play the high gold density maps at first because you’ll need a bunch of money really soon to get the first tool upgrade – machete. Also, gold is really useful throughout the entire day.

After doing these, you’ll become a more advanced Treasure Madness player. Here is some general advice from now on:

– Make sure you add at least a few friends in your team – active ones too since they’ll send you an energy pack which basically doubles up your energy and allows you to dig for more treasure
– If you’re playing more social games, try to begin with Treasure Madness: energy refills quite fast (one point per 30 seconds), so if you finish up your energy then play a couple other games, like FarmVille or so, you can return to Treasure Madness and have a full energy bar again!
– When you level up, your energy will be refilled, so make sure you level up when your energy is as low as possible (aka don’t eat a watermelon if you need 1 XP to level up)
– Create a wishlist on your treasure tab with the items you need to complete a collection. Your friends might have some extra items to send to you!
– Don’t forget to play a Gold Rush game at least once per day to get more gold!
– Finally, be patient: social games are not titles to master in a couple of days, but stress relief games that will take months for you to play…

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with our fellow Treasure Madness players?


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