The following game may be new to many of the people reading this article – I am talking about Game Dev Story. I didn’t know about it either until today while surfing through the thousands of games available on the app store. I stumbled upon this one which only cost four dollars. The amount of fun that I got for paying that was definitely worth it though.

Don’t let the presentation of the game fool you, though. The game has 64-bit graphics which really add effects to the game and are very significant to the chronological story of the game as well. In the game, the player assumes the role of president and CEO of a startup game developer, which you pick the name of. You get to hire your own staff with different jobs based on the type of games you would like to produce, and choose where to put your money once you own it. From there, you can select from agrowing list of genres and game types. You get more of them as you progress with your company. You get to control everything about it, from the original plan, to graphics, creativity, and sounds.

The game ends your journey after you reach twenty years, but over that time, you will be treated with bad and good situations within the company. It is up to you to decide how to fix them. The game, also just like real life, let’s you pick which consoles to release your games on. From the Intendro Whoops to the Sonny PlayStatus, you can pick which one you think will sell best. You can also hire industry greats such as Gilly Bates or Shigetu Migamoto.

Each staff member has a different job title and level of experience. You also have to be careful about how much money you pay them as well, to ensure you do no go bankrupt. You can also spend money on level one employees to train them into level 5’s who can make hit games together in less than a week. You can also earn research points by just making employees feel better and doing challenges, which can upgrade their levels and such as well.

As your games gain in popularity, you will earn much more cash and sell more units. Your fan base will increase as well. You can also excel in different genres as well. If you get very good at the game and hire the right people, you can start making your own consoles, however, it is harder to sell consoles than it is regular games. Your games can also make it to the hall of fame if they are high enough in quality, and you will attend award shows where you can hire booth babes, and develop sequels to your best-selling games. The first time I played this game, I believe I spent five hours on it, which is definitely a great thing. The game is addicting, especially to aspiring game developers.

The game is definitely under the cover, but deserves much more than that. I highly suggest getting this game, and trying it out, it is more than worth the four dollar price tag.