A while back (January 2013), a few lucky, mobile gamers might have gotten to play I am Vegend: Zombiggedon, a satire of, well, quite a few things – mainly the state of popular mobile games on the market – that was mysteriously pulled from the iPhone App Store as well as the Google Play Store soon after its release…

But hey, it’s back now! And according to the developers’ site, it has added a hefty amount of content, and is quite free. Taking a step back, I am Vegend: Zombieggedon most closely resembles a tower defense game, in which the player defends his or her crops from hordes of humorously exaggerated representations of pigs, birds, zombies and a cast of boss creatures. Slaying enemies allows the player’s own hero characters to upgrade and continue the good fight. Against bad games, that is. And hopefully you’ve figured out why this game got pulled from the online stores, originally.

As for the new content, the game’s website advertises new heroes and bosses, in addition to the originally present seven player-heroes and 45 missions. As mentioned before, the game is available on the App Store, Play Store and Amazon App Store, and is supported on iPods, mobile phones and tablets.


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