Those who were hooked on the first two Cut the Rope’s will be very pleased to come home to a new Cut the Rope game released just today. Cut the Rope: Time Travel dropped today, and it lives completely up to expectations. Not only does it stay true to the classic Cut the Rope game mentality, but it also adds more features and it is very enjoyable and time-consuming. We can also expect expansion packs to be hitting soon, once people start playing the game religiously, and reviews start coming in, but for now, consumers must settle for the regular game itself.

The game is the second follow-up to ZeptoLab’s incredibly successful Cut the Rope which has been downloaded more than 300 million times. This entry in the series sends the series’ mascot, the little green monster named the Om Nom into different time periods from the past to meet his relatives and ancestors, and eat candy with them. At this point, there are six worlds, ranging from “The Middle Ages” to “Ancient Egypt”. In each level, the formula to pass stays true to the past two Cut the Rope games. The player must cut ropes and avoid obstacles to make the candies fall into both Om Nom’s and his ancestors’ mouths.

The settings of each level is the same type of clothing people from that time period would be wearing. Each monster you encounter is appropriately dressed in that period’s gear. ZeptoLab co-founders Semyon and Efim Voinov said the idea hit them after working on Cut the Rope toys for Burger King last year, and were looking for ways to expand the Om Nom character.

We wanted to keep all the cuteness of Om Nom, and we’re also geeks who love ideas like time travel

The two brothers stated that they wanted to give each world a different flavor and wanted to give a identifiable and unique look to each version of Om Nom. They went as far as to give each Om Nom from each time period a different vocal track. The game is also very easy to master and control, but each level requires the player to use those skills faster and in a more complicated way which brings the challenge to the game. Efim explains:

Even young kids can understand the game because cutting ropes and seeing things fall, or putting things in a bubble to rise are concepts we can all easily grasp, yet we can still make great puzzles from them. Om Nom also has vivid reactions, like a cartoon, so players can easily understand what’s happening.

The puzzles also have unique mechanics. The Renaissance-themed levels require the player to start and stop time to solve them. Bombs explode in the Pirate levels which can destroy your candy.

Despite the growth of the company, the game still stays true to the formula that made them popular in the first place. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is definitely worth the $0.99. In fact, the $0.99 is a big understatement for this game, all mobile gamers should go out and get this game.