Fresh on the heels of last week’s eighth Humble Sale, the Humble Bundle folks have started a new Android Bundle.

For a payment of any amount, you’ll get access to five games. Stealth Bastard Deluxe is a stealth platformer that tasks players with using a range of equipment to sneak past guards and security cameras. Aquaria is a side scrolling action adventure game featuring stylised art. Fractal: Make Blooms Not War is a puzzle game based of geometry. Players must chain together hexagons in order to create blooms and clusters. Organ Trail is a parody of the classic Oregon Trail, tasking players with making their way across the US. Along the way, they have to cope with the threat of zombies, as well as the diseases and social issues that come with a undead apocalypse. Finally, Pulse is a game designed for touchscreens, with players tapping on dots as coloured rings explode outwards.

Spending more than one dollar on the bundle also nets you Steam keys for all of the titles except Pulse, which is exclusive to Android.

In addition, beating the average (Currently sitting at $4.68) will net you access to the mobile version of the hit turn based game Frozen Synapse. You’ll also get the key for Broken Sword, a remake of the original point and click adventure.

All of these games also come with their soundtracks.

The Bundle will be available for the next two weeks.