GOG.com have today started their annual summer sale. Upwards of five hundred of the games in their catalogue are available at discounted prices, many for 50% off.

In addition, the site is hosting daily deals, with discounts of up to 90%. It seems it would be wise to stick to the same rules as the Steam sale; don’t buy games until the last day to ensure that you don’t miss out on a daily discount.

The sale features a collection of older titles, including the original Fallout, System Shock 2 and a host of old D&D RPGs. Under the site’s policies, all of these old games have been modded to ensure they run on current systems. Newer indie titles are also up for grabs, with big names such as Faster than Light and Torchlight.

GOG prides itself on its no DRM policies, and so there aren’t a lot of AAA games up on the site. However, a few developers have gone against the trend, with CD Projeckt’s Witcher and the Alan Wake series both available.

The sale will run until July 5th, with new discounts every day.