GOG.com has launched their spring sale, starting today at 2:00PM until they’re completely out of stock, with games being marked down up to 90% off, with some titles rare titles being free for short durations, at seemingly random intervals of time. This isn’t an ordinary sale, however. There are a few rules to consider. First, games are on sale one at a time, with the next game going on sale once the allotted amount of copies for the previous game has been sold.

Other games are on sale with smaller discounts, and amongst the games to go on sale include the sexy point and click adventure Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sale, the indie hit Papers Please, and the political real-time strategy title, Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition.

Last year’s sale was met with a very interesting response, with the GOG forums calling it “a grueling, nightmarish experience with free games (available for picoseconds) and widespread forum psychosis”. This sale is available to all regions on every continent, so if you want to participate in this rat race of a sale, head on over to GOG.com!