Earlier today the game distrubutor Good Old Games announced a 60% sale on a host of classic games that are EA owns the licences for. It’s worth noting that many of these games weren’t originally published by the company, but in the years since their release EA has aquired the IPs.

Overall the sale totals 28 games, which can be bought as a bundle for just over 68 dollars. Alternatively, you can of course pick out the games that interest you, with every title bar one costing a mere $2.39.

The one outlier is Medal of Honoured; Allied War Chest, which is selling for $4. Other games of interest included in the bundle are the original, squad tactics based Syndicate, and the 4X strategy game Alpha Centuri. Much of Peter Molyneux’s earlier work is also available, with all versions of both Populous and Dungeon Keeper included in the sale.

Also up for grabs is arguably the most definitive RPG of its time: Ultimate, with every iteration in the series from one to nine included.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these games or browsing the full catalouge, head over to GoG within the next two days.