Indie developers will find at least one digital distributor easier to break onto, DRM free digital distributor GOG announced today.

Using a newly created sub-site of the GOG domain, indie developers are able to submit their work for review and speak directly with GOG staff.The site has stated that it will respond to all developer questions “within two weeks,” along with feedback on every submitted game, whether it makes it onto the main site or not.

The aim is to show that GOG is not staffed by “machines,” but instead by gamers who can explain exactly why a game is or isn’t suited for the GOG site.

GOG is also trying to be upfront about the whole process, stating that all developers will receive 70% of revenue. In addition, the site has added an up front royalties system. GOG pays out a set amount to the indie developer, and then takes a 40% cut off all profits made, up from the normal 30%. Once the amount has been payed off in full, the revenue split shifts back to 70/30.

This open system seems to be a 1-up to Steam, whose obtuse Greenlight system has come under fire over the last few months.