HeroCraft have announced a new turn based WH40K game by the name of Space Wolf, heavily based around in game collectibles.

Space Wolf is intended as a tactical video game, with Space Marines from the Space Wolf chapter being moved across the map in order to gain advantages over the enemy. Combat uses special trading cards that are unlocked in game. Playing a card will execute a certain attack or scenario, with the units then acting out their orders in a real time environment.

Beating an opponent nets you more cards, widening your weapon selection, your tactical options and granting passive bonuses.

As with most trading card games, deck building is key. There will be a few preset options, but HeroCraft are also encouraging creativeness, and players can tailor their decks however they choose. As players progress, they’ll also be able to evolve their cards in an “Iron Priest’s Forge”

At the moment there’s only news on a singleplayer campaign, which will set the Space Wolf chapter against Chaos Space Marines and Necrons on a “distant planet.”

Space Wolf is slated for release in 2014.