The developers behind 2012’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare today announced that they would be partnering with Spike TV to create a Deadliest Warrior Expansion.

The expansion will be based off Spike TV’s 2009 Deadliest Warrior series, which simulated battles between a range of historical warriors, with subjects including Vikings and Ninjas.

Keeping true to the series, the Deadliest Warrior expansion will add a host of warriors from history. Only Samurai and Spartans have been confirmed at this point, but an graphic on the expansion’s official site suggests that at least six historical warriors will be added.

In addition, the Deadliest Warrior expansion will add new maps that are themed to the historical warriors, the trailer showing off Japanese marshland, a Japanese village and a Spartan city.

The expansion will also add new multi team battles to the game, potentially allowing for a veritable melee of warriors from a range of historical periods.

More information on the expansion will apparently be made available through the official Facebook page.

The Deadliest Warrior currently has no release date, instead simply “Coming Soon.”