batman-imageYesterday, a PlayStation news ticker announced owners of the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum that a new and free downloadable content pack will be released for the game on September 17, and everybody believed that it was just the PS3 version they were talking about. However, today we have confirmation from Eidos that actually the Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC will also be made available for the PC versions of the game!

The announcement was made via the official boards where users who did not pirate the game asked: “The DLC seems to coincide with the release of the PC version of the base game. My question is simple: Will the DLC be available for the PC version?”

An admin simply replied: “I’m happy to inform you, it will arrive at the same time.”

However, there is still no word regarding the actual content of this upcoming free DLC pack for Batman: Arkham Asylum but I will certainly update you as soon as I will have some extra details.