capcomslogoIn a recent interview, Capcom’s Christian Svensson admitted that the company is currently working on a computer game – an unannounced title we have absolutely no details about yet, but not a port of a console game (already released or upcoming), which makes us really curious. Especially since during the past few years it was the PC that got games ported for the system and not the other way around as it seems to be happening now.

Speaking with VG247, Christian Svensson said:

“We do have a couple of products in development which are PC-lead, that are not announced yet. That doesn’t mean that that content isn’t also going to show up on console, because it will.

But the pedigree of the team and the primary focus of the design is around the PC, and the largest forecast is on PC for at least one of these projects.

They’re projects that we’re really excited about: I wish I could say more, but I can’t right now.”

Could they be talking about a MMO or I’m completely losing it? Nothing will be sure until Capcom decides to offer some more details on this matter and since the projects might be in the early stages of development, it might still be a lot of time left until we hear something solid. But at least we know that Capcom continues to support PC gaming as every other big company shoud!