That nice moment already arrived: Football Manager 2014 has been announced officially by Sports Interactive and we already have the first set of information regarding the upcoming title in the management series. As you probably know already, I have been pretty disappointed with FM 2013 and I really hope the FM 2014 will be a lot better.

There are some promises that it will get better (we’ll go more in depth in some future articles), but here are the key things about Football Manager 2014:

– More realistic transfers and contracts
– Improved 3D Match Engine
– Complete Tactical overhaul (this sounds exciting!)
– More sophisticated board interaction
– Improved interaction with players, staff and media
– Enhanced user interface with key areas redesigned (like training overview page, the transfer centre and the news homepage)
– News system overhauled
– Football Manager Classic evolved (where you can choose more than 3 nations)

Football Manager 2014 can also be pre-ordered starting now on Steam, but at the moment there are no incentives offered for those who decide to cash in early, so it might be wise to wait a little bit for a better offer and maybe SI throwing in some bonuses for those who pre-order. No release date has been announced yet though.

UPDATE: We have been informed that the pre-order bonus is access to the open beta, two weeks prior to the game’s launch!

Stay tuned with Unigamesity as we’re about to come with a whole set of FM 2014 screenshots (click the link to check them out!), and new feature details. Excited?