With Football Manager 2012 coming soon (the official release date being October 21st), Sega and Sports Interactive have decided to offer those who really love the game the option to pre-order Football Manager 2012 from Steam. The game costs 49,99€ but pre-ordering doesn’t seem to give you any kind of advantage.

Yes, you’ve read it right: probably Football Manager 2012 is the only game that has ever been made available to pre-order but doesn’t offer you anything extra for deciding to purchase it (aka paying some money) before its release date. Last year, we were offered a bunch of SEGA Classics – a very nice list of games, but this list we pre-order and get nothing in exchange.

That means that personally I will not pre-order the title since there’s no point in doing it – I can keep the money and use them and pay on Football Manager 2012’s launch day. If you think that you must pre-order the game, then feel free to do so by clicking this link.

If you’re curious to know if your rig is powerful enough to run the game, you can check out the Football Manager 2012 system requirements.