I have to share with you three cool little free flash games you can play in your browser today, and they’re certainly three of the best flash games released today. We’ll be focusing on female heroines today: one in a classy and awesome tactical/retro RPG and another in a pretty well made button mashing game, plus a physics based puzzle game to put some balance in your life. You’ll see what I mean after trying these three flash games presented below!

tct-rpg1. TCT RPG: Boldly described by its developer as “an unique adventure RPG taking place in a modern (non-fantasy) setting!” the game is much more than you might be expecting to get at first. It has an impressive story and it’s rather lengthy, so prepare for a hot and long ride. Make sure you get your anti-boredom pills, though, since fighting will eventually get quite repetitive and in case you day things will be even worse as the checkpoints are quite scarce. But except for that, TCT RPG is a cool, nice to play free flash RPG, so head over to Kongregate and give it a try!

equanimity2. Equanimity: described as a “physics color matching game. Try and match the blocks together without unbalancing the see-saw,” Equanimity manages to bring the player some really high quality puzzle play with some cool, hand drawn objects. Strangely, even though there are basically no resemblances between the two titles, Equanimity reminded me of Chains. Maybe because it’s as fun as the indie title! So if you’re up for some balancing and color matching head over to Fast Games and play this little jewel!

final-showdown3. Final Show Down: button mashing fans will certainly love this little flash game: a title that delivers a pretty nice story to follow and some nice visuals too, but that’s about it. The gameplay is reduced at pressing the A button like a mad man (and, from time to time, jumping and pressing “Down”). However, if you want to blast away some stress off your body, Final Show Down might be the perfect choice. Check it out for yourself by following this link.

Have fun playing today’s free flash game recommendations and remember to check back later for even more flash goodies!