This is the sequel to Find Tealy, a short, fun and very great Hidden Objects game. All you have to do, is to find 10 Tealies in order to proceed, with amazing Graphics, one of the best Music Themes I’ve ever heard, and a very easy gameplay. This game is so easy, that this walkthrough is useless, but here it is for those who need help :D

NOTE:  To Move Forward, Backwards, Left or Right, simply click on the Arrows, on the Navigation Menu on Bottom-Right side of the Screen. Don’t forget this, or you’ll get lost!


1. You see the Box on Left-Side of screen. Click on the side of the Box, where it says “DO NOT OPEN” – to open the Box. Take the Tealy!


2. Move Forward! You see the Snow Piles near Bottom of Game Screen. Click on all of them and take the Frozen Tealy, or click on the 2nd Pile from Left to Right, and take Tealy! Take the Stick on Left-Side Snow pile!


3. Move Forward! Take Apple from Left-Side Tree, and give it to the Purple Monster in the Middle.

4. Move Forward! Take Fish Hook from the Tree on most Left-Side of screen [The Hook is near Top-Left side of the Tree], and the Stick and Hook will automatically be combined together. Use the Fishing Rod in the Water, on the Ice-hole [Look abit to the Right-Side at the end of the Stairs, and you’ll see the Hole on the Ice – the Ice that has been cracked/smashed with Pick-Axe], and take the Tealy you fished up, and you’ll get a Dead Fish as well as a Tealy!


5. Move Forward 2 Times! Oh no, the Orange Monster stole a Tealy. You see the 3 Pieces of a Wooden Fence, that is blocking the Huge Rock [Near Bottom-Right] – click on each one of them, 5 Times to remove them. Once done, the Rock will fall down!

6. Move Backward! Click on the Fainted Tealy, and watch him Fly. Move Forward! You’ll see that the Tealy broke the Door off, meaning that you can Move Forward again to get inside house.

7. Click on the Cage to open it, and click on Tealy. He will ask you for Grilled Fish with Lemon and Thousand Island Sauce. Start by clicking on the Yellow Pot on Top-Right side of Fireplace. Use the Yellow Pot on the Plate, on the right-side of the Cage. Once done, click on the Fruits near Middle of Screen [Look above the Plate], until you see a Lemon. Click to take the Small Lemon, and put it on the Plate [Right-side of Cage]! Look at the Fire in the Fireplace. If you look a few movements above the Fire, you’ll see a grill. Place the Dead Fish on that grill [Cursor will change into Hand once your over the right spot], and wait for the Fish to turn Yellow/Orange. Then, take the Fish and put it on the Plate! Click on the Finished Plate to take it. Click the Grilled Fish from your Inventory, and give it to the Tealy, and you’ll get Grilled Fish and Tealy!


8. Move Backward! Give Grilled Fish to Huge Tealy, and Move Backward 3 Times. You’ll see a Knocked Down Tealy on near Bottom-Left Side of the screen. Take the Poor thing, and Move Backwards! Wow, Huge Tealy chasing Orange Monster, he is too kind. Don’t go anywhere and wait 1 seconds. Take the Tealy that falls down from the Sky!


9. Move Left! Take Huge Tealy, and Move Left 2 Times. Take the Sleeping Tealy (that’s kind of rude), and Move Forward 3 Times!


10. You see the Stairs on Left-Side of screen. Look at the huge Snow Pile at the Left-Side of the Stairs. Click on that Pile 2 Times to remove it (If you can find the Spot, click at the Beginning of the Stairs), and take the Tealy from behind. Click on the Snowball, near Bottom-Right side of Screen [Top-Left side of the Navigation Menu], and hit the Orange Monster 3 Timesw with the Snowball. He will start to Cry, and go away. Take the King Tealy from the Spot where the Orange Monster was, to get the last and final Tealy!

TEALIES: 10/10

I really hope this Walkthrough is helpful even though the game is easy. You should play the game, since it is so amazing! Please tell me your thoughts about this Walkthrough, and go ahead and enjoy :D

Type: Detailed Easy-to-Follow Walkthrough | 10-Steps with Overview
Time Used: 1 Hour
Written By: Prid