Finally a new 123Bee Game. I don’t acutally believe it, but I was happy for them to release a new Escape Game, because GazzyBoy is making new Escape Games everyday, and they all stink with the Pixelhunting, and the illogical escape. Enjoy this one, please :)


1. Look at the Decoration on Top of the Left-Side Wall (not the Ceiling). You’ll see 3 Decorations, with some red part on. In the Red part, there is a circle-shaped button. Look at the Top-side of the Left-Side Wall, and you’ll find 3 Red Buttons in each Decoration. Click on the Middle-Button to zoom in, and take button. The Buttons reveals to be a Pin. Zoom out!

2. Click on the Balloons on the Ceiling, and use Pin on the Light-Blue Balloon, near Top-Left side of the all the Balloons (not the Light-blue balloon on bottom of the Balloons). Get 2 Keys, and zoom out!

3. Move Right! You see a Silver Box with a Lock, on the Right-Side wall, in the Bottom-part of Shelf. Click on that Box to zoom in shelf, and look at the 2 Candles on Top-Right of Shelf. Take the Knife Piece from the Left-Side Candle (you’ll see something silver-colored on it), and click on that Silver Box again to zoom it in. Use the Red Key [Right-Side Key in your Inventory], on the Box’s Lock, to take it off (don’t mind the arrow). Click on Blue Present with Yellow Box, which is the 2nd Gift from Right to Left. Once zoomed in, click on the Present to open it, take the Knife Piece, and zoom out 3 Times!


4. Look at the Big Blue Box on floor. If look at the Right-Side of it, you’ll see a Red Gift/Present with a Yellow Bow. Click to zoom in, click present to open, take Knife Piece, and zoom out!


5. Move Left! Click on the Bee Clock on Left-Side wall, to zoom in. Take the Silver Knife Piece, right above the Bee on Bottom of Clock, and zoom out!


6. Click on any Knife Piece in your Inventory, to pop up a new window. Drag the 1st Piece from Left to Right, in your Inventory, on Middle-Top of the Screen. Drag the 2nd Piece at the bottom of the 1st Piece. Drag the 3rd Piece at the Bottom of the 2nd Piece. Drag the last piece at the Bottom of 3rd Piece, and click to get a Knife. Zoom out!

7. Click on the Cake in the Middle to zoom in, and use Knife on Middle-Bottom of the Cake to cut it. Take the 2 Key Moulds (Mould = a form you put a warm liquid in, and it will be formed as the Mould shape) from inside cake, and zoom out!

8. Move Right! Click on the 2 Swirly Cakes, at the end of Left-side & Right-Side wall (In their middle, where the 2 walls cross each other), to zoom in. Look at the Left-Side Swirly Cake, and look at its end-part in the Middle of the cake. Use Knife, on the Right-Side of the end-part in the Middle of Cake. If you still can’t do it, look at the inner end-part of Left-Side Swirly cake, and Use Knife on that end-part, and continue to use the Knife on the Swirly Cake, until you can do it (It’s really near the Inner end-part of Left-Side cake). Take the Key, and zoom out!

9. Click on the Big Blue Box on floor to zoom in. Use the Key from Swirly Cake on its Lock, to unlock it. Take Choco, and click on every Ice Cube to take them out. Use Blue Key on the Keyhole inside the Blue Box, to open it! Take all the Choco Pieces, and zoom out!

10. Move Left! Click on the Choco in your Inventory, to pop-up a new window with the 2 Key Moulds. Use Choco on the Right-Side Mould, and click on the Left-Side Mould to close them. Click ot remove Mould, and take Choco Key. Click on the Wafer on Right-Side Wall that says “CH C ” – to zoom in! Place the most Right-Side Choco Piece in your Inventory (Looks like half-cut zero), in the Middle of CH & O – put the other Piece that is similar to the one you just put on Wafer, and put it, on right-side of the Piece you just put on the Wafer [The Piece is 3rd from Left to Right]. Put the 2nd Piece from Left to Right in your Inventory, on the Right-Side of the C – put the Piece that is similar to the one you just put on Wafer, on the Right-Side of the Piece you just put on Wafer (It is kind of in the Middle of the Pieces in your Inventory now – and it’s also the 2nd Piece recently, from Left to Right)! Once done, click on the Cupcake inside Wafer, to zoom in. Dip the Choco Key in the Cupcake, and zoom out!

Move Right! Click on the Wafer on Left-Side Wall that says “C O O” – put the Piece that looks like a half-cut O or 0, on right-side of the Middle O – Put the 2 remaining pieces on the Right-Side of C – Click on Cupcake to zoom in, dip the Choco Key in Cupcake, and zoom out. Click on Middle-Top of screen, to zoom in on the Ceiling. Use the Key in your Inventory, on the Keyhole on Ceiling Door. And you’re free!

I really hope this Walkthrough is helpful, even though it was kind of hard to explain most of the things. I really hope I explained well enough for everyone to understand. Just ask me if there is something you are wondering about the Walkthrough :)

Type: Extremely Detailed Walkthrough | 10-Steps
Time Used: approx 30 Minutes
Written By: Prid