45576_fallout3vaultboyFans might have been painfully disappointed following the teaser site TheSurvivor2299.com being revealed as a hoax. But new evidence have suggested that Bethesda’s latest Fallout game could very well be a real project in development. Following casting documents that were obtained by Kotaku for a project code-named Institute, the scripts and character descriptions that were featured all point to Fallout 4.

The most compelling evidence is the famous Fallout line “War. War never changes” that can be found in one of the lines in the scripts. Fallout 1-3 contained the same line that was narrated by actor Ron Perlman. The second evidence is a mission that is set in the Insitiue, which is described as a post-apocalyptic version of Massachusetts. Another thing to consider is the name The Commonwealth, which was also referenced in the documents. The name was described as being what remained of Massachusetts and was mentioned in Fallout 3.

Reports discovered by several game outlets claimed that Bethesda conducted a scouting trip in Boston for one of their future projects. Which obviously led to a surge of speculation and rumors that one of their games was to be set there.

Radio DJ Travis Miles and engineer Sturges were the specific characters referenced in the documents, and both were described as a “cross between Buddy Holly and Vin Diesel.”

Kotaku did state that all of these documents and details might have been purposefully made up for the purposes of the casting call, which allows Bethesda to cleverly conceal the real details surrounding Fallout 4. But alas, this discovery does confirm that Fallout 4 is being developed and most likely by Bethesda. Fallout: New Vegas, the last Fallout game which came in 2010, was developed by Obsidian. That opens up the possibility of them working on Fallout 4 as well.