After it was announced Bethesda wouldn’t be at VGX, the website TheSurvivor2299 turned out to be a hoax. Yesterday, the owner of the website posted this:

Survivor2299 The website now reads “That’s All Folks” with a link to a YouTube Video of sad violin music. The owner expanded on his original thanks to the /r/Fallout community:

Remember, don’t be mad at Bethesda! They are an awesome company. Special thanks to /r/Fallout the most amazing community on reddit for resolving all clues. PSA: I don’t own the Fawkes Facebook page. YT User ‘Elevated Level’, Butch, Pitor, Liam Neeson and creator of are not responsible for this ‘hoax/rickroll’. PPS To real haters: if you really wish me dead IRL, go there.

There is also a link to email at the bottom of the page.

While this news is a big blow to the Fallout community, there is still the fact Bethesda owns the Fallout 4 trademark and might be announcing the game at a later date. What do you think of the hoax? Was it wrong to do it or do you think that the person behind this had a lot of guts? Let us know in the comments!