On the heels of the Steam Machine beta shipping, Valve has yet another announcement to make: SteamOS  will be available to download officially December 13th. To catch up those who have been living under a rock lately, SteamOS is the operating system, powered by Linux, designed for gaming on the Steam Machines.

Although the OS will be available tomorrow, the folks at Valve highly recommends taking it for a trial run next year. For tech veterans and savvy hackers of Linux, feel free to explore SteamOS to your heart’s content. It is a precaution to those that may be unfamiliar with Linux to bide their time and avoid crashing their systems (patience is a virtue).

Valve has high hopes for both their Steam Machines and SteamOS. They feel is is a huge step forward in how gaming fans experience video games. Here’s an excerpt from the official website explaining the advantages of SteamOS:

Steam is not a one-way content broadcast channel, it’s a collaborative many-to-many entertainment platform, in which each participant is a multiplier of the experience for everyone else. With SteamOS, “openness” means that the hardware industry can iterate in the living room at a much faster pace than they’ve been able to. Content creators can connect directly to their customers. Users can alter or replace any part of the software or hardware they want. Gamers are empowered to join in the creation of the games they love. SteamOS will continue to evolve, but will remain an environment designed to foster these kinds of innovation.

Are you excited to dive into SteamOS? What are you looking forward to with the OS and Steam Machines? Let us know in the comment section below. I for one am excited to see some innovation in how games will be delivered to fans in the future. Be sure to come back again soon as updates become available.

Source: Video Gamer

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