11 Easy Sims 4 House Ideas That You Can Try

sims 4 house ideas

11 Easy Sims 4 House Ideas That You Can Try

Sims 4 is a game that’s all about personalization. You get to create a virtual life for yourself using this game. So, why should you compromise when building a house in Sims 4? As a beginner, you will realize how bland and boring the pre-built houses are.

So, why not give them a makeover? However, coming up with fresh house ideas on Sims 4 can be exhausting. You may feel caught up in the haywire with many options and much to do.

Don’t worry, though, because this article will walk you through all the top Sims 4 house ideas worth building.

Checkout 11 Easy Sims 4 House Ideas

We wanted to keep the list diverse when suggesting some of the best Sims 4 house ideas. Focusing on grand houses is nice but what about the minimal ones?

This list will comprise a variety of excellent and straightforward options for you to explore. Most of these house design inspirations are from expert designers. What you can do is take inspiration and build your own from there.

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Let us walk you through the top 11 easy Sims 4 house ideas you can explore:

1. Modern Farmhouse

Created by Sims 4 Creations, this Modern Farmhouse is a dream. This house’s overall build and architectural magnificence are nothing short of immaculate. The combination of timber and green landscaping around the house adds a very homely vibe to it.

If you want to build a house to escape fast city life, we recommend checking this out. It’s one of the most realistic builds and doesn’t involve a lot of inventory, making it beginner-friendly as well.

2. Mountain Cabin

Remember when we said we’d mention a few grand Sims 4 house ideas? Well, Mountain Cabin is one of them. If you play the Sims 4: Snowy Escape, this Mountain Cabin would be an elite idea. It is built across a gigantic space, but the touch of modern and classic architecture in this build gives it a premium look.

The cabins feature orange wood with streams, rocks, and small knick-knacks around the house. Since it’s capped in the snow, you won’t find a lot of greenery, but the small trees add a pretty look to the whole area. In short, the cabin and the area look nothing short of a winter wonderland.

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3. Eco Tiny House

Eco Tiny House is your best bet if you aren’t a huge fan of grand houses. This design is created by InSims and features the beauty and aesthetics of modern architecture. Besides the open-style design with tall glass windows, the highlight of this house is how well it blends with the surroundings.

The small yet highly functional house blends with the dark green foliage and greenery. You also have large boulders and rocks, which add a level of rustic touch to the design and layout of the house. The design of this house is efficient and allows you to make the most out of it.

4. Modern Country Estate

This particular Sims 4 house build is ideal for those playing The Sims 4: Cottage Living. The combination of the large, pristine white estate with the beauty of the shed beside it gives a very homely appearance.

What’s great about this estate is the diversity of multiple functional elements in the house. You have the standard house where you can live, and then you have a greenhouse and a garage for accessory purposes. The design of this house build is by Simcily and features a simple but stunning addition to the list. Adding a small pond with a light wood interior makes the house look modern.

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5. Tiny Apartment Building

If you don’t want a lot of fuss building an entire estate or a house, stick to this one. Designed by MsGryphi, this 4-unit apartment building blends comfort, modern architecture, and premium finish – all in one. This one is ideal for the players in Sims 4: The Snowy Escape.

What’s great about the apartment building is its uniqueness. Each unit has a unique style and design, which makes it stand out from the other. The amenities are great, too, and come fully equipped with all the latest amenities you can think of – be it the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

6. Huge Family Home

If you have a large family to feed and shelter in Sims 4, The Huge Family Home is a great house built to explore. This kind of design is also ideal for those with multiple generations living in the same house.

Besides the bricked appearance with wooden planes, the house is surrounded by a large garden and lawn for the children to have free access to play. The house is also fenced from all sides for optimal security of the residents. As for the interiors, these larger houses also feature multiple bedrooms and consist of various storeys.

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7. Jungle Underwater House

Another majestic and unique Sims 4 house build you can indulge in is the Jungle Underwater House. This one is unlike anything else. Designed by Sims 4 Creations, this is hands down one of the most attractive and unique designs.

However, this is not a beginner-friendly home. You might need help from mods to build this house from scratch. It uses elements available in the Island Paradise expansion pack, which is another factor you must be mindful of. However, the glass-walled home surrounding the tropical water with the well-lit and decorated interiors look eclectic.

8. Tiny Loft

If you are in your single era in Sims 4 and don’t need much space, the Tiny Loft is an ideal set-up. It is a compact all-in-one home in a very close-knit space. From the platforms to the ladders, you can find a lot of beautiful luxuries inside this loft. What’s unique about this space is how well each corner is utilized.

Also, this kind of design is ideal for The Sims 4: City Living and The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle. The modern aesthetic paired with the wooden accents elevates the overall appearance of this loft. You won’t even realize how small the space is.

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9. River Cabin

Designed by Kate Emerald, River Cabin is another popular and well-designed Sims 4 house we’d recommend you pay close attention to. The house is gigantic, with streams of water surrounding it, so it isn’t surprising that the entire house and the surroundings look regal.

As for the design and architecture, the house features cone-shaped roofs and a rocky landscape, adding a very premium look to the house. The outdoor space is quite limited in the house’s surroundings but is worth highlighting.

10. Base Game Modern Home

This will steal your attention if you are mainly a fan of modern architecture with a practical aesthetic. The off-shoot design of this home is quite realistic and well-balanced. You can utilize each part of the house to ensure it looks premium.

Besides the solid and stable build, what’s unique about this house build? The clean lines and the glass floor-to-ceiling windows add to the chic and premium vibe of the house further. This particular design is by Mr. Olkan, and you can find similar ones online too.

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11. Italian Villa Family Home

Last on the list is another famous family home with a more picturesque layout and design. Designed by Aveline, this Italian country estate turns a boring piece of the house into an elaborate Italian estate for your entire Sims family.

The surrounding greenery, fencing, and cobbled path add a rustic look to the house. Also, the exterior of this Italian home features timber, which also elevates the overall appearance. If you are concerned about the interiors, the furniture is quite contemporary.


These are some of the best Sims 4 house ideas you can explore. However, what we’d recommend you do is take inspiration from each of these options. Pick a design element you like and enhance it in your building house. This helps you create unique designs but still not feel stuck creatively.