A great new game in the Phantasmat series has just been launched over at Big Fish Games and I am here to share the great news with you. Phantasmat: The Endless Night brings fans of the series and fans of the hidden object adventure genre a great new mystery to solve and certainly marks the launch of one of the best games of January. So let’s find out more about it!

In terms of story, here’s how things go in Phantasmat: The Endless Night: In this chilling story, you’re on your way to take your daughter to her high school prom when tragedy strikes. But your hometown isn’t at all what it seems… Due to your expert sleuthing, the gruesome truth emerges. You can solve the mystery of what really happened here 50 years ago. But can you do it in time to save your daughter – and yourself?

I am sure that this manages to capture your interest and even more, being an Epix game, I am sure that you know that we’re talking about a great story with some impressive elements – even though at first it doesn’t seem like much, it’s actually well thought and pretty original!

Visually, Phantasmat: The Endless Night delivers all the eye candy you can ask for from such a game: amazing graphics that create a flawless creepy setting, without being too scary to play at night with the light off. The hidden object scenes are mostly progressive interactive silhouetted shapes and all of them are really nice, with a lot of attention paid to details and there are some nice surprises too in the scenes that I am sure you will enjoy in terms of gameplay. The minigames are also good and great to keep you busy for a while and the bonuses of the Collector’s edition make it worth the extra bucks.

As you probably know already, you can head over to Big Fish Games right now and download Phantasmat: The Endless Night for free to decide if it’s worth the investment. I guarantee that you will love it!